The Real Food Pyramid

The Real Food Pyramid


Most of you have seen traditional food pyramids with all those helpings of dairy,
meat and other foods that are largely toxic to the human body. My food pyramid,
found in your notebook, contains five boxes that we will fill in together. Back to Health
Institute believes this is a more realistic food pyramid, but what about the current state
of food pyramids being foisted on Americans? The USDA Food Pyramid was updated
to include more servings of fruits and vegetables, but they didn’t recommend raw fruits
and vegetables. We know that when vegetables are cooked, they become higher in fat
and salt because we add salt and butter, and they also lose nutritional value. It’s okay
to lightly steam the veggies and add some fresh spices, but omit the salt. However,
eating them raw is still the best option (Forget the Food Pyramid, 2015).
According to Dr. Joseph Mercola (2013), the food pyramid created by the US
Department of Agriculture included the recommendation that you should eat grains,
breads, and pasta even though all cause the breakdown of sugar in the body, increase
the accumulation of fat, cause insulin resistance and diseases such as diabetes, cancer,
and heart disease. The government is involved in subsidizing the farmers so they want
you to make their investment worthwhile. In fact, Mercola believes that the way foods
are grown today as led to a massive increase in obesity, diabetes, and heart/
cardiovascular diseases; and those farm subsidies have led to the chronic addition of
high-fructose corn syrup to almost all processed foods, increased the amount of fast
foods consumed, and produced a largely unhealthy diet (2013). That’s because most of
the subsidies go to the food processors not the farmers.

In 2011, the government replaced their unhealthy food pyramid with “My Plate,”
that showed a reduction in the amount of grain products recommended and a major
increase to vegetables, the largest section of the “plate.” However, almost all fats were
removed even though there are some fats needed by the body such as omega-3. A truly
healthy food pyramid would include healthy fat from vegetables at the bottom such as
fats that come from avocados and other such vegetables; and veggies should always be
the most important part of your food consumption.
Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health noted that the “overstuffed
breadbasket as its base” of the original pyramid did not include whole wheat, brown
rice, and other whole grains. It only included refined grains. (Back to Health Institute
does not advocate the consumption of even “healthy grains” because most are still
processed.) Harvard agrees with Dr. Mercola regarding fats from plants and plant oils
because an absence of those fats can increase blood cholesterol profiles and negatively
affect weight. Those plant oils are needed to move nutrient in the body.
Now, we can fill in my pyramid and remember that it’s always better to buy fruits
and vegetables from local farmers or places like Linda’s produce. It’s better for your
health and helps the local economy.

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