Energy: How to Bottle it

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We have all had days when we feel as though we have one teaspoon of energy left before finally getting into bed for the night. Of course, there is that oft-recited lament, “I have no energy left; you deal with it!”

So what is energy? What is it that makes us feel superhuman one minute and like the “last rose of summer” the next? A simple definition would read something like-energy is the strength and vigor required for continuous physical and/or mental activities. Where does energy come from and how we can build our energy bank or “bottle it?”

James Igani, a certified health and wellness consultant will discuss how the types of food we consume can either fuel our energy bank or deplete it. He will also discuss other energy suppressants and ways to reduce their effects, such as chronic pain, inefficient ways to confront daily stressors, anxiety and sleep deprivation.

A sampling of foods from James’ wellness program are included with the class.

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