Knife Skills (as seen on Good Morning America)

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2017/09/17 1:30 - 1:30
Edney Innovation Center, 5th floor
Address: 1100 Market Street Chattanooga, TN 37402
Back To Health presents the following health topics to the corporate world to improve performance and productivity, decrease absenteeism and reduce workman’s compensation costs and insurance premiums.
  • Common Misconceptions and Myths in Healthcare                                                          

  • Protect your health from deceptions, and empty promises.

  • The Gut Health                                                                        

    The “First Line of Defense” to prevent the Inception of many diseases & disorders.

  • Practical Nutrition in the Workplace

    The direct effect of a sound diet on mood, performance/productivity on and off the job.

  • Hypertension & “Diet-betes” To Dialysis

    A destructive journey that leaves no survivors in their path.  

  • Principles of Ergonomics in Dental Health Industry

    Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries with proper body mechanics and lifestyle                        

  • Back Safety, Patient Transfers and Wellness in Healthcare Industry                           

  • Knife Skills (As seen on Good Morning America)

    Fun and safe ways to cut/dice certain fruits and vegetables and learn their benefits.

  • Hype and Hypocrisy in Healthcare

    Undermining our health and prosperity in life.

  • Energy: How To Bottle It