Physician Approved Wellness Program 2018-02-08T16:56:45+00:00

“I would recommend the program for any human services organization that values their staff, clients and quality of care.” R. Rader, MD

“I recommend your program to anyone who is in search of excellent health.” Terry Smith, MD

“During Delores’ last office visit I observed a significant improvement in her weight, strength, energy level and disposition. She also reports that she is involved in a thriving social life and volunteer activities at a local retirement center several times a week.” J. Duplooy, MD

“By following your dietary instructions and minimum exercises, Marjorie has improved her overall health . . . reduced her chronic joint pains . . . and was more active and sociable during her recent visit. I have been able to reduce her prescription medications to a minimum (three or four as needed).” P.Rhyne, MD

“I cannot begin to tell you how valuable your instructions on back care and diet have [been] to me. I have been able to lose over 25 pounds and have lowered my cholesterol over 95 points. Your passion and conviction for your back care and health, disease prevention program are a true inspiration.” S. Rich, MD