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Dr. S. endured back surgery and subsequent complications that required a five-week hospital stay. During our physical therapy sessions, I discussed body mechanics as well as diet. “I cannot begin to tell you how valuable your instructions on back care and diet have [been] to me. I have been able to lose over 25 pounds and have lowered my cholesterol over 95 points. Your passion and conviction for your program are a true inspiration. [You] made a huge difference in my care, went well beyond what would have been required of a hospital employee, instructed me in nutrition and helped me change my lifestyle.” Dr. S.R.

“I recommend your program to anyone who is in search of excellent health.” Terry Smith, MD

“During Delores’ last office visit I observed a significant improvement in her weight, strength, energy level and disposition. She also reports that she is involved in a thriving social life and volunteer activities at a local retirement center several times a week.” Johannes Duplooy, MD

“By following your dietary instructions and minimum exercises, Marjorie has improved her overall health . . . reduced her chronic joint pains . . . and was more active and sociable during her recent visit. I have been able to reduce her prescription medications to a minimum (three or four as needed).” Patrick Rhyne, MD

“Your program provides a foundation of knowledge regarding healthy dietary lifestyle and exercise choices, in addition to proactical, hands-on body mechanic techniques. Protecting an employees’ health is protecting the employer’s investment. Investing in this program is, in essence, buying “injury prevention insurance.” Former Director of Nursing

“I think everyone should attend your program-we would probably all be healthier people. It has made such a difference in my life. I can now work several days in a row without suffering with pain and fatigue.” Carol, Patient Care Technician

“I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I had tried all kinds of diets or medications to feel better about myself. My doctor was going to put me on even more medications. After attending your class I became convinced that I had the power to make the lifestyle changes and couldn’t blame anyone else for my health problems. Two months later and 30 pounds lighter I believe I have discovered the secret to your high energy level, your enthusiasm and your smile..” Candye, Patient Care Technician

“Your sincere interest in our health and safety and your passion and energy along with the horrible facts on smoking, inspired me to give it up. I have lots of energy and I can exercise now because I feel better. I am also more productive at work.” Joyce, Patient Care Technician

“The class was the best body mechanics class that I have ever attended in h 32 years of nursing. Your nutrition plan is working for me when nothing else did!” Gail, Nurse Educator

“Patient Transfer and Mobility” class with James Igani is an absolute “must” for anyone involved with hands-on patient care. It can play a key role in preventing work-related injuries. Learning and practicing the techniques gives us a sense of security in protecting ourselves from injuries. The class will improve patient satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction.” Nurse Manager, Orthopedic Care

“In the past 7 years, I have slowly gained weight and tried numerous time to shed my extra 20 pounds! As a Type II diabetic for the past 22 years, I realize the importance of maintaining my optimal weight . . . to avoid medication and the complications of diabetes.” Since November 14, 2004, Gail incorporated more vegetables and fruits, less meat, and avoided rich, high-fat food sources. She lost seven pounds, had more energy, required less sleep, and her ankles were no longer stiff in the morning. “Thanks so much for getting me back on the right track! Your nutrition plan is working for me when nothing else did!” Gail

“Not only did you impress me with your knowledge, but you kept me on the edge of my seat. I have lost 60 lbs. and [am] able to walk five laps around the mall after working all day. The change of lifestyle has enabled me to stop taking several medications. I have become active with my children and grandchildren, have gone from sad to happy, have a new and improved outlook on life, and have applied for a more rewarding job with the state. I could have never accomplished this in my former condition. A majority of people don’t know how to be healthy and the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. I believe you have the ability to change thousands of lives with your program and dedication.” Penny